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Back to School Teacher Gift Idea and Free Printable

August 1, 2018

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It’s that time of year, can you believe it?! Our house is buzzing with talk of seeing friends again, what sports to try out for, the teachers they got and plenty of bittersweet feelings about letting go of summer. This week I am in complete prep mode as we gear up for another school year which means organizing, filling closets with fresh clothes, packing backpacks with new supplies and tons more that leaves me a little dizzy when I think about it. I previously shared with you the back to school gifts that we chose for the kids this year, but today I wanted to share with you a back to school teacher gift idea and free printable. I can’t imagine how crazy the first day is for our educators with all of these little ones and getting them settled. We like to keep the first day gift for them simple, but definitely something that just might take the edge off!

Back to school teacher gift idea with a FREE printable just for you! #BackToSchool #BackToSchoolTeacherGift #BackToSchoolPrintable #TeacherGift #FreePrintable

This year we decided on Dunkin Donuts Munchkins®! Less of a mess than regular size donuts and the perfect package already ready for us. We simply just need to grab a box for each kid before school that morning and add a gift tag. And of course, you know I had to make our own to give it a little bit of design umph. A very easy, simple idea and a way to make sure our teachers feel loved on the first day!

Back to school teacher gift idea with a FREE printable just for you! #BackToSchool #BackToSchoolTeacherGift #BackToSchoolPrintable #TeacherGift #FreePrintableBack to school teacher gift idea with a FREE printable just for you! #BackToSchool #BackToSchoolTeacherGift #BackToSchoolPrintable #TeacherGift #FreePrintable

And of course, you know I just had to share the gift tag design with you because us moms have to stick together. And hopefully it will take one more thing off your plate as you prepare all of the things for your little ones and another school year. You can download the printable for FREE right here. I hope you enjoy!

What is a favorite back-to-school tradition for your family?



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