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How to Beat the Back to School Germs

August 13, 2018

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It’s back to school which also means that it is back to all of the germs. You get hundreds of kids together and it’s like a horrible version of outbreak. We have been shocked how intense the first few weeks back to school are because of all the things that get passed around. Last year, the nurse’s notices started going home within the first week! Over the years I have learned just a few things that help our family keep the germs out of our house and the sickness at bay. Today I am sharing with you how to beat the back to school germs in three easy ways.

First, supply your car with a hand sanitizer. I always have a bottle out and right in the front console and it’s the first thing I grab and pass around the car when I pick the kids up from school. We also use it anytime we get in the car from the grocery store, gas station, etc. I also make sure and add a travel size bottle to each of the kids’ backpacks as well. They have told me that they love being able to use it really quick after coming in from the playground especially because it keeps their hands feeling clean.

Second, is wiping down and sanitizing door handles, light switches, faucets – basically all the places that hands are coming in contact the most. Once a week I arm myself with a container of Clorox Wipes and I walk through the whole house wiping down surfaces. It’s quick and easy!

How to beat the back-to-school germs and the three things we do to keep sickness at bay. #RaisingKids #Parenthood Motherhood

The third tip has to do with essential oils. I have to preface this by saying that I am not an in-depth oil user. While I am doing more and more research and looking into things that I’m sure I will share about later as our family begins using them more, this one single oil is the one that I turn to in this case. OnGuard by DoTerra is a protective blend that protects against sickness and supports your body’s natural antioxidant defenses along with many other benefits.

It was recommended by a friend a few years back and I have to say, I have truly noticed a difference using this daily especially in the sick seasons when everyone seems to get sick.

So how do we use it? Reflexology is a real thing and putting essential oils on the soles of your feet is said to have a stronger impact on your body. It is said the reason for this is because all of the nerve lines in our bodies end at our feet. Now, everyone has their own take on it and there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this oil into your life, but for us? The quickest and easiest way for me to use this as another defense before the kids leave for school every morning is to rub a drop on the sole of each of their feet before putting their socks and shoes on.

Do your research and find out what works best for you, but as I said, I have truly noticed a difference with just this one oil.

How to beat the back-to-school germs and the three things we do to keep sickness at bay. #RaisingKids #Parenthood Motherhood How to beat the back-to-school germs and the three things we do to keep sickness at bay. #RaisingKids #Parenthood Motherhood

So there you have it! How to beat the back to school germs or at least defend yourself as much as you possibly can!

Have you experienced the back-to-school germs or sickness? What kinds of things does your family do to stay healthy during the year?


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