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The Things They Teach Me

January 28, 2019


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The other night the kids and I ate Mac & Cheese from that darn little blue box because I was just too tired to cook while handling, well, all of the things us working mothers do. I’ve been going to the grocery store daily for things we need because meal planning and list making? I can’t even find the time to make a hair appointment. And I forgot about a work deadline because well, my brain only has so much space as a working mama of five.

However, you know what I did find time for last week? I found time to shower which helped me relax before I climbed into bed and then I actually READ A BOOK before falling asleep. I found time to color with the little ones just because and for no other reason and we even ventured out to the park to enjoy the perfect weather in the middle of a weekday. Have I gotten to the mountain of laundry yet? No. Do we get a home-cooked gourmet meal on the table every night? Not even close. And I am still trying to find time to launch my next big thing in my business, but you know what I think? I think these cubs are teaching us just as much as we are teaching them.

These five have taught me that life doesn’t always have to be so damn complicated. We are in the middle of a really busy few days? Well then, hot dogs and homemade pizzas will do just fine and eating it all on paper plates completely cancels out the need to do dishes. They have taught me patience because in the bigger picture we are already running late so just let the little one tie her own shoe and we can all leave the house with smiles on. They have taught me that the world really won’t crumble if we put play before work. And if we detach ourselves long enough we might even enjoy the break and find ourselves happier in our work. They have taught me that arguing is fine because holding that stuff in doesn’t do anyone any bit of good, but there has to be hugs and cuddles right after because life is too short to stay angry. They have taught me that dessert before dinner makes me feel like a kid again and that laying on the grass, feeling the sun on my skin and seeing what we find in the clouds really does put a smile on my face. They have taught me that it’s OK to not be perfect as long as we get a chance to play in the game, that jumping in rain puddles is worth the mess after… and the same goes for bathtime bubbles.

And you know what else I think? I think us moms are too hard on ourselves. Sure we fancy ourselves as Wonder Woman and love when we can juggle multiple things while still keeping our cool (come on, it’s an adrenaline rush), but even Wonder Woman needs a little break here or there. Because remember, we are raising little humans! Teeny tiny actual humans and are working hard to raise them into awesome adults while they have their own thoughts, feelings and wants. That’s crazy! And awesome! And we all just need to take a beat, look around and remember how great it all is. Even surrounded by marker on the walls, wet towels on the floor, rancid sippy cups discovered in the back seat of the car, sticky fingers and sticky kisses to match.

You’re doing awesome, mama. We all are.


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What have your children taught you?


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